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Solo60: Reaching £1m pre-seed valuation with no customers

10 Million active gym members and only 50% of them using their membership. The UK’s largest decline in retail stores with 16 closures a day. Individually they are huge problems but combined they present an opportunity that Ben Alderton, a Personal Trainer from Reading was primed to take on.

But big solutions like this one need investment and investors need confidence.

The Lazy Environmentalists:

Branding a community. Launching a product.

The Lazy Environmentalists started as a Facebook community to inspire people at all levels of consumer awareness, if you care about your impact on the environment you can join them to share tips and facilitate easy and convenient change without having to compromise our entire lifestyles.

It’s the small changes will make the big impacts. 

This is where the opportunity lies; to create ‘everyday’  products that help anyone make small changes to their lives, while making big changes to the planet.

Barkdays: Every day should be a Barkday

Barkdays started off as an idea for a subscription box, but became so much more, responsibly sourcing regular good quality consumables (treats and poop bags) that are good for your dog and the planet as well as toys and grooming products.

You can even join their social community of dog owners where you can share advice, fun, and daily life with your furry family.

Every day should be a barkday.

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