Your success is dependent on you, your team and your clients’ confidence in your brand. 

Branding, but not as you know it.

Danny&co. is an award-winning brand consultancy and design studio with clients across the globe. We’re built like a startup; optimised for speed and efficiency to help you meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers. 

Brand Confidence® is our unique process for discovering what makes you truly unique so you can grow, knowing who you are and where you fit in the competitive landscape.

What we do


Award-winning branding

Purpose-driven design

Predictable business


Great coffee


People persons

Bold statements

advancing humanity


What we don’t do



impossible deadlines




“it’s just business”


‘it’ for the money

work for nothing

tear buildings down


The people who drive our future. 

Danny Matthews has been called a ‘Creative Genius’. From running a tattoo shop at 18 to becoming the first ever mortgage advisor to digitise the mortgage application for brokers, he has a natural ability to solve real business problems with creative design and branding. 

As well as being Creative Director of Danny&co. he often supports creative students with training and mentoring as they move into the commercial world. 


Firebuilders interview

Firebuilders interview

The other day, I had the pleasure of sitting down with ‘Firebuilders’ founder Josh Corporal to talk about crafting mission statements, the effects of reflection, and entrepreneurial drive & focus. Crafting mission statements “If you had to distill the first step...

A ‘Happy Head’ Podcast

A ‘Happy Head’ Podcast

Some time ago I had a chat with Paul Wilson on the 'Happy Head' podcast, and we discussed a plethora of subjects. ‘Design is a backup career’. These were 'the' thoughts on design when I was in education.   ‘If you’re living in the ‘real’ world, it has to be a...

Quicc gains interview

Quicc gains interview

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Dan Holloway, and we discussed some interesting topics. What is the brand confidence scorecard? So, what is the brand confidence scorecard and where did it come from? Due to the nature of my industry and my occupation, I...




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