Strategy, identity, graphics, interaction & experience that connects you with the people who care.


Most companies can’t clearly say ‘what’ they do or give a compelling reason ‘why’ you should buy from them. Knowing what truly makes you different can help you stand out in a sea of sameness.

We have a proven method to help you discover your unique competitive advantage so you can start to grow with confidence.

Be known for who you really are and take the first step with our Brand Confidence® Scorecard. 

It’s a free tool to help you identify areas to align your company with your target market and build Brand Confidence® in leaders and teams.


We build brands that advance humanity through creativity. Branding is about expressing your personality and values, building a consistent experience that resonates with clients and nurtures lasting relationships.

This is what builds Brand Confidence® in your clients so they don’t just buy from you but they tell others to buy from you too.


You can bridge the gap between users and the information they need by reinforcing your brand in digital and print.

Do this with brand collateral like brochures and information cards or digital, purpose-driven graphics that tell your clients’ story or explain a complicated service – visually.


Interaction & Experience

Carefully craft comprehensive digital experiences that has your clients falling in love with intuitive, user-centric interfaces that engage, and communicate clearly on all devices whether it’s a website, mobile app or advertisement.

You're in good company


Firebuilders interview

Firebuilders interview

The other day, I had the pleasure of sitting down with ‘Firebuilders’ founder Josh Corporal to talk about crafting mission statements, the effects of reflection, and entrepreneurial drive & focus. Crafting mission statements “If you had to distill the first step...

A ‘Happy Head’ Podcast

A ‘Happy Head’ Podcast

Some time ago I had a chat with Paul Wilson on the 'Happy Head' podcast, and we discussed a plethora of subjects. ‘Design is a backup career’. These were 'the' thoughts on design when I was in education.   ‘If you’re living in the ‘real’ world, it has to be a...

Quicc gains interview

Quicc gains interview

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Dan Holloway, and we discussed some interesting topics. What is the brand confidence scorecard? So, what is the brand confidence scorecard and where did it come from? Due to the nature of my industry and my occupation, I...

Measure confidence in your brand

Before you consider investing in your brand, you need to know which how your brand is performing. This unique scorecard gives you a benchmark of Brand Confidence® for you, your teams and clients as well as identifies areas to align your company with your target market. 




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