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The UK’s first app-enabled, self-operated gym

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Danny Matthews

Solo60 transform unloved spaces into world-class gym environments that you can book and workout solo, with friends or train clients for 60 minutes through our mobile app.

Featured on Design Rush for Best Logo Design done by UK agencies.


10 Million active gym members and only 50% of them using their membership. The UK’s largest decline in retail stores with 16 closures a day. Individually they are huge problems but combined they present an opportunity that Ben Alderton, a Personal Trainer from Reading was primed to take on.

But big solutions like this one need investment and investors need confidence.


Confidence comes from aligning the four pillars of your brand; strategy, messaging, behaviours and identity. Most startups head for the visual identity part but to be able to connect with the right people you need to know first, the purpose or goal of the brand.

Next we had to get to know Ben’s perfect client; Enter, Andrea. An IBM Executive with a busy life that doesen’t just want to work out. Andrea wants to be in an environment that empowers her to be the person she wants to be.

After personal interview the messaging and behaviours of the Solo60 brand would be drawn and the identity created.

Finally a clear direction for the Founder, a consistent message for the brand and an expectation of what the overall Solo60 experience would be. Now we just needed a way to show the concept to investors and get their buy-in.


We worked together to plan and design a working prototype app that could be used on your smartphone as if you had downloaded it from the app store.

Having a working prototype means you can test and refine with real users, but you can also give it to developers as a fool-proof example of the finished product for development.


By giving Ben and the Solo60 team the strategy, identity and working app prototype he was able to maximise Brand Confidence® for him, his team and potential investors.

During our work together he secured investment at a £1million valuation before even getting his first customer. This meant he was able to get to market quickly, secure his first premises in Shoreditch, London and go on to raise another round of funding valued at £3m.

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