The Lazy Environmentalists

Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Illustration

Community-driven, sustainable products

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Danny Matthews

The TLE brand exists to make environmentalism inclusive and to inspire a global community to believe everyone can make a difference.


Imagine lying awake every night feeling guilty about all of the bad decisions you made throughout the day, being constantly reminded of the impact you’re having on our environment yet making no significant changes to your lifestyle. That was Amy, one of the founders of The Lazy Environmentalists – just a few years ago. 

When researching climate change, the majority of articles available have negative connotations and little solutions for the individual audience – almost as though our individual efforts couldn’t make a difference.

Amy could always see the scale of the issues but it was difficult  to personally relate to, which led to a state of ignorance and laziness.


The Lazy Environmentalists started as a Facebook community to inspire people at all levels of consumer awareness, if you care about your impact on the environment you can join them to share tips and facilitate easy and convenient change without having to compromise our entire lifestyles.

It’s the small changes will make the big impacts. 

This is where the opportunity lies; to create ‘everyday’  products that help anyone make small changes to their lives, while making big changes to the planet.


The branding process gave us the opportunity to communicate with the community and find out what products they would like to see from TLE as well as create a design system that could be adapted for the online community or future products.

There was alot of call for tote bags and apparel for their fans to identify as a Lazy Environmentalist, but also suggestions of a quality bamboo toothbrush.


Within just a few months The Lazy Environmentalists launched their T-shirts and Tote Bags along with a set of 4 bamboo toothbrushes which sold over 160 units on launch day in April 2021.

They continue to grow and improve their community as they approach the 100k follower milestone.


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