Why You Should Choose Confidence Over Trust

Written by Danny Matthews

Danny is the Creative Director here at the Studio. Likes drawing on his iPad, cartoons, has an obsession with brand guidelines documents and you can usually find him in a coffee roaster or under a bed of stickers that his son Zac hides him in.

There is a distinct difference between confidence and trust:

Trust is usually referred to as the ‘firm’ belief, although it is usually built through gut instinct.

Confidence only usually refers to a ‘feeling’ but is built through ‘doing’. It’s action oriented.

What’s interesting is that, you can break trust and it never be built back up, but have your confidence broken and you will come back more confident than ever before.

This is why I apply confidence to branding and here is why I will choose confidence over trust, every time.

Building Trust is Unreliable

We make decisions based on our gut all of the time and most of us would say that it has helped them avoid some serious dangers.

But do you really want people making the same assumptions about your business? 

Me neither.

That’s why I don’t rely on trust, because it’s not something I can control or influence. 

People will make their own decision to trust you, initially AND over time. 

Don’t aim for trust, aim for confidence.

Confidence Can Be Moulded

Just like toddlers, new minds are open.

Everything we set out to achieve, everything we say and do impacts our children’s future and how the world is perceived.

With branding we can set the strategy, craft the messaging and create the behaviours.

We can change that world.

Because of this your success is dependent on you, your people and your clients confidence in your brand. 

Therefore anything that reduces your confidence, reduces your chance of success.

There are now more ways than one to enrol in the best way to go from uncertain to predictable, so that you can start to grow again with brand confidence.

Book a call to find out how you can discover your unique competitive advantage and stand out in a sea of sameness.

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